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hi everyone i like windows xp so i made a windows xp page and made a map for the taskbar where if you click the start button somethin happens... the default menu i use on eveyr page appears... not sure how to do that though any help would be appreciated
bmh 1 year ago

Hi there. The way I would do it would be to have an iframe in that corner that first loads a blank page with only the start button to click. Clicking it would load another page into that frame containing that menu and also the button to click again to return to the blank/no menu page. Maybe that makes some sense ;-)

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hoylecake 12 months ago

ill try that out when i get the chance! thank you!!

hahaha love the background song! definitely getting some 90's vibes!!!
i finna use up all my bandwith with all this willingness to hotlink to my images on gifypet

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