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ugh how do you add tags to your website
hoylecake 1 year ago

nvm figured it out

thank you for the follow!! lovely website :)
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lhfm 1 year ago

Thanks 🙂

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hi people, after way too many updates and fine tuning, the...huhhhh.... start button on the windows xp page is now working. question: would it be a good idea to use iframes as the left-side menu as to avoid updating? it seems like kinda a hassle to me and id like to know if it's mandatory or not, i can shave off a few minutes adding stuff to pre-existing code
infinite gratitude to the people who have followed me or the ones i am following :) i can still remember what it was like building the old version of my website, mostly following no one and being mostly silent and not updating very often, a lot has changed since then! thank you to all the people who exist on this website!! ill get to work on my blog and my windows xp page tomorrow probably... peace out ly!!!
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thanks for the follow! :)
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hoylecake 1 year ago

oh my GOSH... that's such an awesome website!! love how the background music is the windows xp intsall theme!!

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haxrelm 1 year ago

You're welcome

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love the layout! i guess you were going for a spotify artist-page theme? :)

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