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Hey, saw your post about webrings (later updated to be about sitelists). It was really nice to read, I hope things are going ok for you with lockdown and things are back to normal soon.
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goodmode 4 days ago

oh i'm glad you liked it! every day i become a little more disillusioned with social media... i thought the post might not age well but it sure does just feel more relevant to me every day hahah. nice to hear from you! things are okay here, the lockdown got eased (too early imho) but my family and i are safe so far. hope things are going ok wherever you are too! thank you for swinging by!

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1 month ago
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goodmode 1 month ago

NEW PAGE! this is not an april fools joke by the way, i really did finish on time. i hope everyone's staying safe!

goodmode 1 month ago

once again if you're having trouble seeing Page 17, try a hard refresh (ctrl+f5 on Windows) or clearing your cache

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2 months ago
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goodmode 2 months ago

i live in the UK and made a small update about it. stay safe everyone

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