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saint-images 3 months ago

"Mr. Uncompetitive in the flesh" - yes hello that's me I'm listening. But the real question is, have you actually *learned* any Swedish in the app? I'm just wondering about the course quality of an app that makes even the best minds of Neocities go mad.

brennholz 3 months ago

@saint-images Ja, hehehe. Svarar detta på din fråga? Dessutom, "de bästa hjärnorna inom neocities"...? Jag vet inte om det.

brennholz 3 months ago

jk, that's just a deepl translated sentence lol. Though I am able to read and understand about 50% of it. That's about the level I'm at. If it was said by an actual swede though? 0%. No chance.

pikemalarkey 3 months ago

Congratulations, this definitely beats my own language learning effort, I don't think I've signed into Anki for a year or so : D Mais j'ecoute de Jacques Brel? C'est bon, non? Anyway, it's not about how many times you drop it, it's about how many times you pick it up again.

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brennholz 3 months ago

@pikemalarky sorry for the late reply... (°-°;) Thanks for the encouragement! (And, after translating your sentence, music recommendation<3) So you're learning french? I could've done French in school, but instead I chose latin, wich was - in retrospect - a dumbass move. It's a dead language, everything ever written in it HAS already been translated. Could have learnt French and still read the roman classics. Oops!

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