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listing my disorders feels tacky and carrdish but i genuinely don't know how to define myself. i suppose it's a placeholder of sorts
does anyone remember
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tried to put a bunnyhero labs flash pet on my site and it didn't work.. (it works on their site they use ruffle flash player)
dazeyworld 2 months ago

had them on my site from when i was like 6 i would have liked to put one here.. (it was a freewebs site)

i might just tear this site down and rebuild it (due to dissociative issues, this site doesn't represent who i am, and it'd feel wrong to continue on as though i'm the same person "i" was who started it)
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3 months ago
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my website isn't abandoned btw! i'm on hiatus to focus on school and personal health for now ;w;
dazeyworld 7 months ago

i might revamp and change the colours of it when i have a lot of spare time...?! i literally had a dream about it lately

moonview 7 months ago

i hope everything is going well for you! can't wait to see what you do when you are back :)

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DAZEY WORLD was updated.
9 months ago

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