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Haven't had many updates for long, still getting through burn out and all. I am getting a new computer soon, so maybe once that is actually set up, work on the site will continue.
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holy carp. 10k views.
CLOSED. was updated.
1 year ago
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tricksterhat 1 year ago

Alright, site has been partially updated to 1.2.

dang. i take a nap and i miss a lot already. glad to see the situation has worked itself out. welcome back!
Thanks for the follow! :)
1 like - remember how i said i'd take a break? turns out i really wanted to start working on the site again, lol.
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This whole thing made me not want to work on my site for a while now. Take care everyone. I am just going to take a break from it all at this point. the HATsite ain't closed, just not gonna work on it for a bit, probably until I feel better mentally.
organicrobot 1 year ago

same dude, even thinking of disabling site profile, this is terrible

wrongwithfreesw 1 year ago

dont preemptively axe your own profile. block anyone you can who you see pushing people around, so they cant post-- block their friends for good measure if you want to, just dont mention doing it (and you cant unblock even if you want to) and if worse comes to worse, turning your profile off is an option.

hey guys did you know that the "I'm outta here" voice clip from Sonic CD was removed in Origins? That's crazy man...
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wrongwithfreesw 1 year ago

they removed both sonic and amys voices for some reason. sonic no longer says yes!!! either. seems like a very minute thing to change over say, copyright dispute, so im having trouble guessing the explanation. i wouldnt rule out a copyright/royalty/contract issue entirely though.

tricksterhat 1 year ago

my guess (as dumb at it could be) is that they removed it to push the whole idea of Classic Sonic doesn't speak.

hat has a nap! hold out! hat!
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Thank you so much for putting my button on your site! (altho i think it doesn't even animate when it is a gif, unless you downloaded the statichat one but that's fine.) Your site is looking pretty dang cool, not a fan of the extremely light aesthetic but that's just me being a hat who can't look at bright things for more than two minutes lol, still, very nice looking!

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