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whats yalls preferred method of transferring images from your phone to your computer? im tired of emailing things to myself T_T
allyratworld 1 month ago

Plug your phone into your pc via the usb cable!

ooops 1 month ago

on my phone i temporarily save things to cloud storage in a new folder, then on my pc i transfer that folder from the cloud to my computer (also nice bc it prevents my iphone from compressing things ._.)

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ephemeralstar 1 month ago

i use the usb cable too!

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transbro 1 month ago

I do google drive / discord depending on how big the file is

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baphomets 1 month ago

I mainly just use discord for single images or small batches :) I save them to my comp and then upload them to my site if I'm using them there

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marshmellosucks 1 month ago

For those of you with Android phones and Linux or Windows computers, KDE Connect works well for this. You just have to be on the same network.

softteddypaws 1 month ago

google drive

isntreal 1 month ago

omg thanks for all the responses yall! I think Ill try discord first and if the files are too big ill look for a usb cable lol :D

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