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To answer your question, is our email.
Are you still interested? We'd be willing to hear about what you believe in. Our appearance is never a coincidence and we're sure that makes you special.
lemonshandy 10 months ago

oh man, uh... do you have an email address? i'll email you.

Our e-mail service do not count as a memo with your agent. As we are organizing new teams our management may be *limited* and we prefer e-mails for business inquiries or inquiries relating to our schedule. We will adequately tell you all when we have extra partners to answer conversational messages. Thank you.
Which agent runs this account?
godcorp-archive 10 months ago

Managed by several employees.

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are you... the creator?
godcorp-archive 10 months ago

Website currently being re-built, of the God Corporation. Our duty is inciting armageddon. All curious visitors are absolutely welcome to contact us for more information.

lemonshandy 10 months ago

am i gonna die?

godcorp-archive 10 months ago

You will not die but we can offer clarity to your life. please contact us. :)

lemonshandy 10 months ago

i'll email you tomorrow. i'm sorta interested.

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