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ayy omg fellow bryce3d enjoyer!!
computer-updated 1 year ago

yeah! Bryce is a little unstable at times, but when it works, the results are incredible!

this site hasnt been updated on a computer for a long time
computer-updated 1 year ago

I've been so preoccupied lately, sorry! I should try making something soon, just kinda ran out of ideas/inspiration

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Hey there, love your website! I played around with Bryce a little before settling on POV-Ray and your works brought me right back. :-) By the way you might wanna fix the link for "Chill of the Coast", it should be this (note the capitalization):
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computer-updated 1 year ago

thanks so much! I'm sorry for the extremely late response, but I'll fix that issue right away. also, funnily enough, I did try POV-Ray but I couldn't really wrap my head around it, so I was mostly checking out old renders from the early - mid 90s. some interesting tricks, I'd be interested in showing some of them off! (with proper credit, of course)

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grecomoran 1 year ago

I'd be interested in seeing those tricks :-) POV-Ray can definitely be challenging due to the lack of interface, so I understand where you're coming from... There's a lack of good tutorials for it too, which is making me consider writing my own. I guess we'll see.

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Sorry for the inactivity, been occupied with other stuff. I'll be sure to have a new Bryce scene uploaded soon! ^^;
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Welcome to Soho! Your site is now listed in the Residential District:
computer-updated 2 years ago

thank you so much! ^^

hey computer-updated, thanks for putting my button on your site! To return the favor, ima do the same!
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computer-updated 2 years ago

awesome, i appreciate that! ^^

turns out that image editing has a pretty dramatic effect... I think I'll start doing it more often with my scenes. I did go back and edit my previous scenes quickly, and I think they look better for it!

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