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This may come across as random but its not too often you see others who love clowns as well, its nice to see that you're making a site based on them they're too underrated I think. They're just silly little guys who deserve the world :-) (cute website so far btw I wish you luck with the rest of it!)
clownbonk 3 months ago

thank you so much, i really appreciate it! i whole-heartedly agree, clowns need more love!! :o)

sugarteara 3 months ago

fellow clown fan, SO TRUEEEEE. thekiller clown thing from a few years back did too much to the clown community

clownbonk 3 months ago

yeah i mean i like murderous clowns in horror media but those people just ruined it by terrorizing random people :o(

unclemyrtlesidiotbox 3 months ago

You're welcome! Plus I completely get what you mean. Ive had my interest for them seen as weird irl so yeah it can get a little annoying but I think they deserve more love. I have a clown doll collection too that hasnt really grown in a while

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thanks for the follow! your site is very cute :o)
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candyjam 3 months ago

Thank you too! Your site is very clowny, hehe. (๑>؂•̀๑)

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