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Happy new year!
Waking up feeling tired is how I felt for over a decade now, are you under a lot of stress? You sound possibly depressed... all of those things can cause that. I find lying very flat (no pillows either) after waking up and focusing on breathing snd gentle stretches can help ease any aches and make you feel a bit lighter and more ready for the day. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you possibly have S.A.D.? Take care!
birdsandstars 9 months ago

If you’re still under lockdown, can you open your windows every morning? That bit of natural light helps! If mot under lockdown, a little walk when the weather’s best for you helps!

I love your site, it genuinely feels like the 90's sites I wandered as a kid! Also, those snowglobe/magic orb gifs brought back sooooo many memories!!!

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