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Sweet Tooth is really good, if you don’t mind the plot also having to do with a virus that has humanity in quarantine early on... it’s got this hopeful post-apocalyptic vibe, with nature reclaiming the earth, very lush and vibrant. Incredibly touching father-son type of relationships, too. It’s got a light, fairy tale-like narration and simplicity to it that contrasts with the bleakness of some concepts too.
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birdsandstars 4 months ago

Gus is ADORABLE. I love deer and I love stories where human characters with animal features actually have behaviors and abilities similar to those animals, it’s just lovely. Only just started watching, but my heart!

softheartclinic 4 months ago

What a lovely page. ♡

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birdsandstars 4 months ago

I just saw your comment!! Thank you. ;3;

God, the nostalgia!!! That webpage maker was one of the very first I experimented with as a kid... long live Catz!
ocean-waves 4 months ago

Those Bianca Sparacino excerpts hit different

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birdsandstars 4 months ago

I’m glad! They had a strong effect on me too, it’s just so reassuring and just what I needed to hear! I am going to add more things to this section in time. ^^

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bright-eyes 5 months ago

These remind me of the pixel art sites I used to come across. A lot of them are gone, now, though. Hopefully some folks who did them/like pixel art will find neocities and start making the sites again. There is also a facebook game called Yoworld which allows you to decorate rooms which I used to play. They're kind of like digital versions of dollshouses.

birdsandstars 5 months ago

There are still artists who make pixel art, I collected a couple of sites in my links! But yes, a number have gone down and are only preserved by those who saved images from them... I think neocities would be a wonderful place for them! Lots of folks here collect pixel art in toyboxes...

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