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Oh yeah, I should probably mention why the site has been without updates for so long.
tricksterhat 1 month ago

So, in short. What was meant to be a small redesign is turning out to be like, me remaking the whole site from scratch because I heavily dislike the site as it was. So, I'm getting carried away with stuff like figuring out how some stuff should look. Which is why I haven't updated anything and the site has been closed for like several months.

tricksterhat 1 month ago

No clue when I'll be finishing this because I've been on and off with it and I really don't want to promise a specific date because I am really sure I will not make it in time.

tricksterhat 1 month ago

Real sorry for the lack of updates or transparency and then dissapearing for months on end. Still though, keep in mind, I am still working on the site, it ain't dead yet. Thanks for the patience as well.

gildedware 1 month ago

No rush at all! It's your site, update it as often or as little as you wish! Good luck with the redesign :}


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