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I love your Stanley page so much, he has such a sweet round face
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orion-my-rion 1 year ago

tysm!! he is my sweetest roundest boy and his eyes are very kind :)

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HI SORRY FOR THE LACK UPDATES LATELY. Been busy :( I finished translating Paradigm's story from the GG2OMC a while ago but formatting each line by hand takes forever!! So I wanna find a better way to do that before I post it. Soon!!! Hopefully!!!!!
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solradguy 1 year ago

Added scans of the Channel 3 Records Missing Link vinyl + text transcriptions. Added links to the Archive and Index pages as well as a little general update on things on the Index page. Cleaned up the Archives page a tiny bit too.

solradguy 1 year ago

Artworks of Guilty Gear X 2000-2007 is now fully scanlated!! Added links to the page for it as well as a separate page for the Daisuke art walkthrough in the back. Cleaned up the Index and Archives pages a bit too. Glad to finally have that giant project completed. It took 8 months!!

solradguy 1 year ago

The GGX/GGXX Anthology manga won the poll so I'll be doing that after the GGX art book captions wrap up :^)

solradguy 1 year ago

General scan update. Big stuff coming soon!!

WOAH thanks for following my page! Absolutely LOVE your layout/page design and the stuff you've done for Project Warlock.
jlehr 1 year ago

Thanks! Looking forward to finishing the warlock 2 soundtrack

solradguy 1 year ago

Drew a lil picture of Sol with the Neocities cat to celebrate 20k views <3

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