Rainstorms in July

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bout to save a shit ton of stuff off tumblr. with them flagging uncooked chicken and anime gifs, who knows what's gonna be left by the end of the month.
jeremyredhead 9 months ago

out of curiousity: wayback,, or just downloads?

rainstormsinjuly 9 months ago

I’m keeping fanart as downloads, since I doubt artists want me just putting their stuff elsewhere. Other stuff, I’m planning on hosting on my side site since it’s mostly gifs, pixels, and scans. Might do wayback for fan translations though+also put a copy on my side site. This whole thing is so dumb. One of the artists I follow that’s been hit has had SFW stuff flagged but none of their NSFW stuff. The fuck.

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vas 9 months ago

Download all the Jay Naylor shit before it's gone!

Going to be really busy for the next two weeks. I’ll be updating more closer to mid-December
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rainstormsinjuly 9 months ago

To all the students and teachers out there, hang in there!

Thanks for 150k views!

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