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I'd like to leave with a piece of general advice: Impatience is a killer, and so is too much patience. The world is like Super Hot, nothing will happen if you aren't making things happen, but don't rush it or else you'll end up eating dirt. Take your time when you learn new things and don't worry, you'll be great in no time.
My website is a lot less helpful in retrospect than I wanted it to be, so as I slowly attempt to crawl back into my cave and program again, I'll see if I can't provide better resources for noobs to get the best start they can.
I love rediscovering this website every year or so lol, really takes me back. Throughout the pandemic up to now, I've been learning music and film. I'm terrible at film although I haven't stopped, and I'm surprisingly competent at music for a complete beginner. My passion for the "old web" hasn't died at all and I still think about getting back into programming.
Holy shit it's been 5 years, glad I was able to remember my password though.

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