Rainstorms in July

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what's with all the string of numbers and letters usernames I keep seeing? are these spam or legit users?
melonking 3 years ago

My guess is that its a school class who have to use their IDs for website assignments.

rainstormsinjuly 3 years ago

ah, that makes sense.

headache-booth 3 years ago

i'm not sure about that since now someone named "loper" has joined in too

k1n2a3o4i5n6r-v2 3 years ago

or maybe they were just brain-dead when they came up with their usernames :)

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my updates: 95% fixing typos, 5% actual updates
jeremyredhead 3 years ago

my updates: 95% tweaking css, 5% actual updates

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this is cool. i hope a lot of people participate.
halloweenjam 3 years ago

Thanks, I hope a lot of people participate too (hint, you should!)

rainstormsinjuly 3 years ago

Haha, seriously thinking about it but can't start planning until tomorrow.

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