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Also, with your interest in art, have you read any of Ali Smith's fiction?
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nbodyproblem 2 years ago

Not yet. She's on my list. I'm reading too many books at the same time, so I don't know when I get to her yet. If your reviews are to be trusted, it's right down my alley.

readingproject 2 years ago

I figured with your background you'd have a better insight into those aspects of her novels than I would.

nbodyproblem 2 years ago

I'm happy about any writer who doesn't use art as background decoration or pure reference. She seems genuinely invested in the topic, which is refreshing. Yet, I still only know excerpts.

Just wondered - is your website name based on Cixin Liu's "The Three-Body Problem"?
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nbodyproblem 2 years ago

I'm not a huge sci-fi reader, so no - I based the name on the literal n-body problem (on how to predict the individual motions of gravitationally interacting celestial objects), but the (literal) three-body problem is a part of that bigger cluster, so you're not too far off.

Spent the day testing out what to do with machine generated music and feeding X Japan and Metallica MIDI files to an algorithm. Go figure, the results for music generated from the X Japan files where much less terrible. But still pretty terrible.
Since everybody's posting music they deem noteworthy, I followed suit. Tell me if I'm doing it right. Also, tattoo experiments! Not on oranges this time!

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