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My new website: It’s coming along very well!
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Got your guestbook message. It's long as heck so HTML-CB blocked it, but I did read it. You're welcome, and oh God 3DCG, don't remind me.
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samzpoke 2 months ago

Lol. I began the nostalgia trip because I found an old video of high school friends dancing to Caramelldansen. The only relief I get from this torment is spreading my suffering to others by reminding them of their own embarrassing past! Take care, Mel, and sincere apologies to HTML-CB for my long-windedness.

This is the first time I've seen a mention/picture of scriabin on a neocities site lol.
samzpoke 4 months ago

The paen is his too. They're the words for the final movement of Symphony No.1. I don't know who translated it though. I copied the text from a booklet and they don't mention anyone.

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