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duuuuude your log page is so cool i was trying to find things similar to it all last week , what the heck does it take to make hat type of thing ? btw awesome fucking site
turd 2 years ago

thank you!!! I followed this tab tutorial:

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turd 2 years ago

this is basically the code for my log but simplified. I'm not really good at explaining things, but I added some notes in the code that's hopefully helpful

luficerslounge 2 years ago

thank you so much dude! i appreciate the timt you took to reply, ima try dis out later c:

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turd 2 years ago

happy to help!!

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i figured it out ha
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if anyone can tell i've been tryna learn html for 10 days now .. 10 days of knowledge doesn't make up for every time i as a kid i gave up on learning code >_>
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