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1 week ago
burypink 1 week ago

ever since i found ur site, the phrase "the puns are shaking their g-string clad booties at us" has never once left my head; god i even started saying it irl lololololol

holeinmyheart 1 week ago

@burypink i am truly honored

aww thanks for liking my page and same abt yours!! :D it's undergoing a revamp so I've taken it off for now!
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didntask 2 weeks ago

the whole world felt.

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koshka 1 week ago

Now that you mention the setting, it's possible that her dialogue IS more realistic than I thought, given that everyone spoke in a more sophisticated and educated manner back then. And yeah, I saw the image, which was helpful!

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In reply to your query: NORP life is tearing me apart.
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holeinmyheart 2 weeks ago

youre gonna be successful! :D

koshka 2 weeks ago

EXCELLENT work on that last chapter, my friend! I sincerely apologise that I still haven't posted my notes on that. Have had no time/energy lately but I will get those written up tonight.

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holeinmyheart 2 weeks ago

@koshka no rush! read at ur preferred rate/time :P. I'm gonna upload the next part tmrw

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koshka 2 weeks ago FINALLY put it up. I can't wait to see the next part. The preview you presented is enthralling enough without all of the masterful build-up that you already created in the story. (:

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holeinmyheart 2 weeks ago

ty, nice to see you picked up on a lotta hints ;D

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holeinmyheart 2 weeks ago

o & typos fixed, ty. "lock" was intentional, as in when u "lock in" to something. but im gonna try rephrasing it in a less confusing way/

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