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Some good art.
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Great goggly-moggly, THE bogleech in neocities! This is the greatest thing!
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bogleech 3 years ago

It's funny because bogleech originally started as a geocities homepage and never moved until last month. Geoities became yahoo webhosting which bumped around different companies for the last 20 years before I finally had to go!

encounters-ltd 3 years ago

woo! full circle!

Heeey~ So sorry about my form situation, I don't know why I am having so many problems with it u.u But I actually now just have the information listed with my email so if you wanted to send an email with the info I will get your's done today~! ^^
fluffyhyena 3 years ago

Ayy don't worry! Sent the email! Forms can be a huge pain in the butt so don't sweat it XD

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