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(Hello to you too! Your stuff is absolutely fantastic x3 )
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rvklein 4 months ago

Thanks. Be sure to tear apart and dissect my source code for useful tidbits.

In other news updates on the site will slow down until weather becomes stable again. Don't wanna risk a thunderstorm frying my cpu before I get to revamp the storage section.
(Day 513: they still don't suspect I'm a fujoshi)
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fluffyhyena 4 months ago

(I do still believe, however, they're catching up on me being a furry. End captain's log.)

frisout sent a $2.00 tip to fluffyhyena!
4 months ago
fluffyhyena 4 months ago

This is so out of the blue but I can't thank you enough ;v;

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frisout 4 months ago

Hey! I just really enjoyed your site and you clearly put a lot of work into it. I still had $2 stuck in my paypal wallet I didn't know what to do with so.. ^-^ no need to thank meee!! keep up the adorable work ^-^

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