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If you are a mutual and I haven't added your button to my mutuals' wall in the About in the next 24 hours, hmu! I'm updating the section with all the buttons I missed.
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nightmarefantasmic 3 years ago

Ah your new layout looks so nice~! I love all of the purple!

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cepheus 3 years ago

i love how your page is looking now! plus it renders beautifully via mobile, i can only DREAM

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fluffyhyena 3 years ago

Aww you guys are so nice ;v; I still need to fix a few things re:responsivity but after that I need to figure out how how to arramge the gallery!

(Btw if anyone wants my TCG ID card, just ask!)
(Hello to you too! Your stuff is absolutely fantastic x3 )
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rvklein 3 years ago

Thanks. Be sure to tear apart and dissect my source code for useful tidbits.

In other news updates on the site will slow down until weather becomes stable again. Don't wanna risk a thunderstorm frying my cpu before I get to revamp the storage section.
(Day 513: they still don't suspect I'm a fujoshi)
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fluffyhyena 3 years ago

(I do still believe, however, they're catching up on me being a furry. End captain's log.)


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