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Are you gonna play P2:ES on the PSX or are you waiting for the PSP patch?
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saint-images 1 month ago

What if they know Japanese? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

cheru 1 month ago

Lucky! So many games available to jp speakers ( ´ ཀ `」 ∠) I should really get to studying one of these days..

thanks for introducing me to metaroom, their songs are bangers
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Beware that the buttons leading to other sections of your webpage don't seem to be working. I turned off as many javascript blockers as I have, but it keeps me stuck at home.html. However, I can reach all sections if I change the url manually to "about.html", etc. I'm reluctant to post this as no-one else is complaining, but you should know at least one person has a browsing issue. Beautiful site nonetheless.
cheru 1 month ago

Hi there, thanks for the heads up, and thank you for the compliment! There are actually quite a few dead links around the site which I admittedly haven't fixed since I put up my site's latest theme. I will definitely get around to fixing those now that I have my new laptop. Thank you for visiting!

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