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I see other folks running fan-sites/shrines for characters like back in the day and while I don't think I can commit to a massive one like my Musashi/Jessie one back in the day, I kind of wanna make one for Shootie/Trip because I love the characters everyone hates, apparently.
birdsandstars 6 months ago

I said "back in the day" twice, oops.

If you want to see something silly/cute, look up the Pied Piper Duck Show. (I think I’ll link some later!)
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The bunny revolution on the index page is temporary, the site will return to normal shortly, after demands are met. (My brother is tinkering with the CSS, this is not my doing. ^^;; He does this sometimes!)
birdsandstars 6 months ago

Aaaand it's done!

birdsandstars 6 months ago

The bunnies have access to more land!

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