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Needlejuice finally got the MiniDiscs of Damn Skippy the other day, and that means that Needlejuice Records has every single item I ordered in hand RIGHT NOW! Hopefully, I'll have my Lemon Demon records soon!
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i really like the idea of doing daily recaps!! i might steal that...
ghostsalt 2 months ago

Thanks! It really helps me clear my mind, you should totally do it! :D

gradientos 2 months ago

I've thinking of doing some sort of "blogging thing" too, now especially because of GhostSalt :)

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im coming close to 100 followers, just 8 more!!!
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i used to have a page of my site specifically dedicated to pictures of my cats. should i bring that back
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Jaws is dead! Long live Jaws!
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Citranic (adj.) - /sɪtɹænɪk/ - Relating to the musical works of Neil Cicierega, especially under the name "Lemon Demon". - Portmanteau of Citrus and Satanic.
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44nifty 2 months ago

For example, instead of saying "Your music is like Lemon Demon's music" you can say "Your music is citranic"

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chipsfunfun 2 months ago

dude that's perfect

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