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44nifty 1 week ago

dare to be stupid: 10 wooden nickels out of 10

44nifty 1 week ago

i want a new duck: x pounds of down out of 10

44nifty 1 week ago

yoda: x rocks lifted out of 10

44nifty 1 week ago

gjwhl: x roast beef sandwiches out of 10

44nifty 1 week ago

hooked on polkas: x accordions out of 10

just wondering, what is your favorite weird al album cover? and for that matter, your favorite album? my favorite cover is probably that of the debut album, for being full of references to the songs - and my favorite album is running with scissors
polka-your-eyes-out 2 weeks ago

favorite album cover is polka party! and favorite album is poodle hat 👍


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