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nice website :) always cool to find a fellow kiwi using neocities
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sep 10 months ago

sorry i just woke up, but omg hi!! thanks, your site is cool too :0

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updated my anti-nft banner to an anti-ai art banner to be a bit more topical <3
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11 months ago
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mysticscave 11 months ago

Good luck with your eating goal! You might even find that using vegetables is cheaper.

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I saw your homepage welcomes the user to fuck off if they do NFTs which I agree with hahaha. I am enjoying your layout and the memphis background patterns. I also really liked your Gundam Girls zine. My mouth kind of dropped open when I saw Noin so I understand your appreciation. ๐Ÿ˜
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1 year ago
saint-images 1 year ago

*looking through my glasses, slightly swirling a wine glass, in a sophisticated voice* Yes, that's a fine selection you've got here.

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