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added a miku shrine, for some reason it sometimes bugs out but it can be fixed by spamming refresh
hehehe i'll add a link to you on my site :)
reading your 0079 liveblog was really fun :) im a longtime fan of gundam and it makes me really happy that witch from mercury is bringing in new fans!
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revolutionary-girl-cassandra 10 months ago

thank you! hope you enjoy my continued journey through gundam! idk what i'll do after cca, but i'll figure it out

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rewrote my about page ^_^
your site looks sick! super interested to look at your pages once they're implemented
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almostcorporeal 10 months ago

Meant to reply to this yesterday and then completely blanked, oops lol. Thanks so much! Really appreciate that (:

RAINS SPACE was updated.
10 months ago
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pixelglade 10 months ago

That's really sweet you both have such different ways of expressing yourselves. I think understand how you feel about wanting to be clear in expressing yourself, but also I suspect I'm on the spectrum so clarity really appeals to me too. If something is too obtuse or subtle I probably won't catch it, but I love evocative poetry which has a strong sensory component because imo it's more about communicating visuals.

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pixelglade 10 months ago

Communicating to the senses than to ideas directly - not just visuals obviously

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