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i just updated my homepage again! hopefully it doesn't look too messy, i keep seeing differences in the vertical margins between the brackets preview (which uses chrome) and the actual website when i open it on firefox. wtf
made some small changes all over + made a box for my status updates to make it look like the secret reports from kingdom hearts 358/2 days lol it isn't perfect but it's good css practice 👍
saikuseru 1 week ago

also! i just added an actual header and a favicon!!! i'm on a roll today 😼

made a blog (and posted on it too)! see you in another 4 months i guess lol (but hopefully sooner)
(comes back after 4 months, covered in spider-webs and blood) does anyone know of a decent 123guestbook alternative? since it's supposed to be shutting down soon
first post! hi! :D i've been meaning to add some more pages to my site but i have sooooo much stuff to do and soooooo many things to study T_____T this'll have to wait, i'm afraid. see u soon! hopefully!!!

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