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turd 5 months ago

your new diary layout is beautiful!

anipike 5 months ago

Thanks a lot! ^_^

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Hey, for some reason none of the main navigation links work on the enteringthedream.html page when using Firefox or Internet Explorer. They seem to work on Opera, though.
teddybear-halo 5 months ago

oh geez...seems you're right...i haven't the slightest clue why. how worrisome... :\ i don't know css very well, but the sensitivity of the buttons is kind of weird--even in Chrome and on Opera you have to click directly on the text for them to work. i'll consider going back to old-fashioned links, i think. thanks for the heads up, much appreciated! ♥

quokka 5 months ago

Put the anchor tags on the outside of the button instead of on the inside.

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quokka 5 months ago

or use onclick to redirect.

arkmsworld 5 months ago

HTML specs don't seem to like the idea of a link inside of a button, but, like quokka says, you could put the button inside of the anchor tags(even if it does work on Chrome). See here -> You could also just ditch the button tags and style the anchors to give them the same look.

arkmsworld 5 months ago

Buttons are really meant to be used if you're attaching them to a Javascript onclick event. But that would be complicating things more than is necessary for a page link...

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