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Hey, just to let you know, when accessing your site today I got a warning that said it's risky to visit it.
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comfydev 4 days ago

Huh, weird! Was it SSL related or an antivirus thing? Neocities is supposed to set up the certificates for me if it is an SSL issue :L

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anipike 4 days ago

It's just McAfee WebAdvisor saying the site may be slightly risky to visit and that unwanted/harmful programs may be present.

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comfydev 3 days ago

That's really odd, considering that my site literally only has plain html, css, images and some JS for a few simple things, and I'm hosting some wasm unityweb files for roseknight. Huh. Can you submit it as a false positive to McAfee? Oh, and then delete McAfee haha - it's crapware, you should go for a good antivirus solution instead.

anipike 3 days ago

There doesn't seem to be a way to submit anything, most likely because it's just a page generated by a Firefox add-on.

Rei’s stuff was updated.
5 days ago
Princess Bride = classic! :)
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anipike 5 days ago

It sure is. Has some very nice sword fighting. And Nigel from Spinal Tap is always a plus.

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Hi! You have some really nice art on your site, and the whole place looks really stylish. I wish I had skills like that. ^_^
roseknight 5 days ago

thank you!! :D

Cool site!
anipike 6 days ago

Thanks! Your site is really cool too. I especially like the reviews section. ^_^


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