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4ivilo 3 weeks ago

Thank you so much!

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Oh man I am actually a lil' angry at neocities for having case sensitive file naming, for example I have to sometimes change an extension from .JPG to .jpg because the image doesn't get read for some reason.
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tangotrail 1 month ago

kao the kangaroo is fr one of my fav games ever though the gliding level i tried to get past at least 20 times and it gave me and my old friend a headache

4ivilo 1 month ago

Oh yeah I know what you mean dude, I remember failing that part many times too haha. But there was one boss fight I couldn't finish as a kid, I think it was some Zeus guy? I never found out how to hurt him and then I abandoned the game for a long time... (but played the next games heehee)

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