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zinportal 9 months ago

Sometimes a website just disappears. It’s a shame, but its button must be removed for clarity

3 likes this song, but “Yusei’s on my mind. Think Abbacchio all the time”
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I became a trash-tier Patron for because no one else will give you unlimited storage for your media files without anything in return
Thanks for the follow, your site reminds of early/old Web big time and I like that! I'm curious what you use for comments on your blog/journal entries. Followed back and will add your button on my next update (probably tonight)!
zinportal 9 months ago

Hey! Thanks a lot! At the moment I’m not using anything for managing comments. If anyone wants to say something about my entries, my e-mail is always open — and if the comment is interesting, I may even publish it as a reply

paintkiller 9 months ago

Ooooh, I was mistaking articles you linked to as comments, some of them seemed so conversational in relation to your posts lol, cheers!

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