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heya! non pensavo di trovare un Italiano su neocities :O
zinportal 2 years ago

E invece esistiamo :)

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hi, the animal crossing page is awesome!! :D
Hi, your website is awesome! I really like it! But it seems that the "Music" and "NaissanceE" links are broken, it requires some struggling to click the link. Also, NaissanceE reminds me of Bernband i suggest you to try it if you want. Sorry for my bad English ^ ^;
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kawaiinightmare 2 years ago

Thanks so much! >u< As for the links, I'm pretty sure I know what the problem is. It should be gone now. Thanks for letting me know about the issue! Bernband looks mildly interesting, I might check it out more. And your English is perfectly fine, no worries :)

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Welcome to Neocities!
felixwebworld 2 years ago

thank you! ^ ^, btw your website is awesome! i really like it. (sorry for my bad English)

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