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0 tips is blocked by Indonesia Internet ISP (Internet Positif). I'm posting this message behind a VPN.
garett 5 months ago

The last time I updated this is like forever ago. This does not mean I'm forgetting this site. It is just that web design is not in my department.

I'm thinking about making a XHTML page.
What if Neocities.orgis backend'ed by a Git as a repo per site? Any changes is staged as single branch. Theoretically, it's possible. It's possible to retrieve old deleted or changed files chronologically or revert the site onto certain point. But it's gonna take more disk space and it means more cost.
garett 3 years ago

Neocities is a free service. It's running by its users for its users. More importantly, it's ad-free. Your creativity and activity on the site count as support, so just deal with it!

Nice site, friend.
tyank yuo
Whatever was updated.
6 years ago
Whatever was updated.
6 years ago
Whatever was updated.
6 years ago
Do you have moments? Neocities now supports CLI! Awesome tbh
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megumi 7 years ago

hey hey garett :)

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