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thank you so much for the nice comment! i'm glad to see another trapdoor fan out there
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owlyfans 1 year ago

Yes! >:3

prolly gonna turn site profile off later while i work on a couple things but it'll b back up soon
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owlyfans 1 year ago

Okay, before you do, I want to say that your site is really cool, The Trap Door was the shit growing up

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everything is a mess while i do some housekeeping but when it's done it should look amazing
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coming back TODAY
gonna be back home on the 17th so ill have more stuff to update w/, considering making a splat3 shrine
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if anyone wants to add me on switch my fc is SW-3885-1787-6578
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planned updates: art gallery for my stuff, better essay page, linked sites page, reviews
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if you want to add my button to your site feel free, just let me know so i can add yours!
clownbonk 1 year ago

I put your button on my links page (o:

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