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its been a hell of a while, sorry -_- been snowed under with uni work
ok. this is gonna take a lot longer than i anticipated to fix -_-
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re: the convo ab optimising the site, how would i replace the numbers with percentages? like would it be width: 100% ? instead of width: 500px ?
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mikaorangeart 10 months ago

Pretty much, though it takes a bit of fiddling.

gnomes 10 months ago

ack i'm so sorry for the late reply! you probably got it figured out already, but yeah!

trying 2 fix the site looking godawful on smaller monitors, i don't want to have to overhaul my entire theme -_-
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mametzwood 10 months ago

if anyone has any tips lmk pls

gnomes 10 months ago

oh god i know your pain -- i was able to get by via going thru and replacing my static pixel dimensions with percentages, but it was such a hassle! i don't have any advice because i'm a Noob... but i hope that it goes as smoothly as it can x-) what a headache

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bagpuss section is finished!!
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owlyfans 10 months ago

I loved Bagpuss growing up :0

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added a 15min documentary on the trapdoor & finished off my spiderman: turn off the dark page (complete w/ bootleg!)

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