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have you seen the recent influx of gnome related stuff in tk maxx? they have halloween and xmas gnomes (the soft plush-ish ones)
gnomes 11 months ago

omg WHAT!!! no i haven't!! there's none very local/where we shop regularly... OMG i need to go to tk maxx. Now. THANK YOU for telling me about this!!

added you to my site buttons thing!
eggdev 11 months ago

Thank you!! I've added you as well! :>

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added you to my site button thing!
added you to my site buttons thing!
loves1ck 11 months ago

yay!! i'll add you to mine too c:

added you to my buttons thing!
humanfinny 11 months ago

aw thanks! im still working on my button wall but when Im done, I will add urs <3

there's a lolcow thread on the topic of neocities (don't read it if youre sensitive) but its so funny to me bc their "attacks" on neocities are just... that it has a high percentage of "pronoun users" and also people are having fun and being themselves, which is Bad and Evil
mametzwood 11 months ago

these threads never have any legitimacy but this one is so like. baby is jealous bc he can't be himself and everyone's having way too much fun. also a bunch of posters were like "i tried to make a website but it was too hard neocities sucks" like no babe it's actually you that sucks

foxbite 11 months ago

are they really complaining abt it being too hard??? thats hilarious theyre just admitting they cant be bothered to learn how to write/read html LMAO

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as soon as this project for class is over im gonna post it on my site w/ process pics i promise

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