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i love the look of your website!!! the colors and especially how different elements light up when you scroll over them. so fun!!! and listening to dragula as i explored was a blast hahaha
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solaria 2 days ago

omg i was wondering if anyone would listen to the music i added! i too like to listen to dragula when on my homepage sdhjfgsjhfsg

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just read your post on accessibility and the follow up for it. excellent and informative reads! helps put a lot into perspective, and i hope to carry that sentiment with me as i work on my site. also, "Back pain WILL NOT stop me from doing what I was born to do: post." had me crying bahaha
whiona 2 days ago

Thanks so much for reading and leaving a kind message :’) (it’s true, I was a poster fresh outta the womb)

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Thank-you so much for the kind comments in my chat-box!! <3
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