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Hey all, I would really love if you took the time to read this post:
yoyosoda 1 month ago

for context: im a palestinian and i am talking about the latest news on palestine today

blankcardagain 1 month ago

thank you for experience and being vulnerable in that post. it was a hard but important read.

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Your thoughts are quite insightful! thanks for posting, I'll definitely be reading up on accessibility more often : )
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whiona 1 month ago

Appreciate it! <3

omg i love your userid!!!
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punkwasp 2 months ago

tysm!!! urs is pretty neat too :3

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WOW! nice site!
yoyosoda 2 months ago

oh i just found out about neocities also!!!

blankcardagain 1 month ago

thank you, i like yours a lot too!

looking at other people's sites and they have like 1000 updates after being open for years and im here with 1000 updates after just discovering neocities this month
yoyosoda 2 months ago

i feel like im using neocities incorrectly but idgf honestly

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i added more curse words if you have funny curse words you feel free to send them to me

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