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your newest layout is absolutely gorgeous, my goodness. (and a lot of the archived ones too)..i love your sense of layout design a lot
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likehome 1 year ago

thank you!! your design is beautiful as well

i've been wondering, what are the photos you use for your website from? like the one on the index
voyager 1 year ago

i have all of the images i use credited on my links page! but all of the illustrations are from a manga called laika no hoshi/planet laika, it's what the site is themed on. it's a gorgeous little manga and one of my favorite 5 chapters i've ever read

voyager 1 year ago

i do want to make a minishrine for it at some point, but until then, just the link in my credits.... :p though here is the mangakas twitter if you want to see more of their gorgeous illustrations

very much in love with the layouts you've got going on here- the poppy shrine, make up page and dreadlines pages especially. i'm excited to see where this site develops!!!
americasdecline 1 year ago

ahhh thank you so much!!! I'm excited for you to see the pages when they're more complete. I really love your site too and the whole sad/mysterious vibe. <3

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