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aehse 3 months ago

tweaked some parts based on friends' feedback. Also added some fancy anchoring stuff to link to posts directly

aehse 3 months ago

Rewrote my first post entirely. Hope you enjoy.

godcock 3 months ago

Hadn't read the first, but this was okay. Keep at it, writing and hating, that is.

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aehse 3 months ago

Kind of a follow up to my previous post on tech jobs, hopefully with some more insights. I still haven't bothered with references though :p

holy shit. there i am, linked to on an article that is REALLY fucking good. it's an honor. this site fucks severely, love your morals and what you say. keep it up. o7
aehse 3 months ago

I don't really know how to answer this, so I'm very sorry for the late reply. Just know that it was very important to me, beyond any way a mere "like" can convey c:

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