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alright SOOO due to some mAgical findings the site will go under some re-design due to the discovery of twine
sninkygle 4 months ago

what's twine you may be asking yourself well its basically an engine that makes things like my site into a game

sninkygle 4 months ago

its not necessarily rather than a method for me to basically cheat the system and add MY stuff into it without the risk of over flow

secam 4 months ago

ok, this is ebin

sninkygle 4 months ago

its looking might eBic so be sure to look for that stuff soon-ish

sninkygle 4 months ago

ikr pretty fancy

as the wheel of tyme begins to turn so do the methods of smiley and sarah something seems...different...more...welcoming
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sorry guys i dont think i can update the site anytime soon school just keeps getting in the way and it affects my thinking logic sorry
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encounters-ltd 4 months ago

thats okay, you dont need to work on the side if its affecting your mental health

dont you just love it when school gets in the way of everything?
encounters-ltd 4 months ago

Dont worry, it will pass

page 3 of 3 complete...for now
sorry for the wait the final page from yestarday's update will be up shortly i had to gather a few things

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