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QERNZ BF was updated.
1 month ago
sninkygle 1 month ago

i tried to be fancy but then i got nacny'd

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QERNZ BF was updated.
1 month ago
yudosai 1 month ago

now loading now please wait while Dream Os is configuring your presences

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alright after a bunch of time has pasted i've finaly manage to started gathering the methods i want to use so yAy
307 ya w3lcom3 also how did you pull off the tilting affect for the first page ?its pretty neat
melonking 1 month ago

Its actually a bug, but I liked it so much I left it in place :P

well i dont wanna sound like that one guy but the reason why i was able to come up with this crazy idea was because i have a little help with writting the story and stuff however due to some stuff on their end i unfortunately have to push this off until sometime later this week sorry
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sninkygle 2 months ago

IN THE MEANTIME imma polish the plot and finally update the dev dairy

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