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Thank you for the follow!
also things are gonna be rewriten (the themes and story will be the same however) cause imma be honest i didnt know where to write the site due to how inactive i have been so remake of this site will also be coming
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sninkygle 2 weeks ago

with new gimics to :3c

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ew i hate myself now but for real the site hasnt been abandoned (yet) still trying to figure out twine and all that good stuff
one must sometimes rip away of the past to survive these brutal,soulless,tunnels of the expanding conscience to experince the sunlight
so progress report-ish i finally started the remaster and the rough draft is up and functioning keep in mind its missing a lot of stuff and that will be added in the coming days
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sninkygle 2 weeks ago

also custom music might arrive to the site 0.o

QERNZ BF was updated.
2 weeks ago
it begins.......kinda
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sninkygle 3 weeks ago

kinda doing a huge crash course so that mini-story/re-design is gonna disappear a lot fyi

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