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hey, I have a question about a CSS layout -- i'm using one of your css layouts (fake WP 2, "pink and cutesy") and i really love how it looks, but I can't get the right sidebar on the right side of the page (it's always on the left no matter what I do), or the main section to actually be in the middle of the two sidebars. Is there any way I can fix this at all? thank you in advance and i'm sorry if i'm at all a bother
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selkiedomus 5 months ago

I think you may need to double check your dividers in your html. I'm using the fake WP layout too. Hope this helps!

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eggramen 5 months ago

The fake WP 2 layout uses two stylesheets for pink and cutesy - the base ( and the skin ( It looks like you're only using the skin stylesheet, which is probably the issue.

rizlets 5 months ago

oo! okay, thank you :)

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