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one must sometimes rip away of the past to survive these brutal,soulless,tunnels of the expanding conscience to experince the sunlight
so progress report-ish i finally started the remaster and the rough draft is up and functioning keep in mind its missing a lot of stuff and that will be added in the coming days
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sninkygle 2 months ago

also custom music might arrive to the site 0.o

QERNZ BF was updated.
2 months ago
it begins.......kinda
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sninkygle 2 months ago

kinda doing a huge crash course so that mini-story/re-design is gonna disappear a lot fyi

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alright SOOO due to some mAgical findings the site will go under some re-design due to the discovery of twine
sninkygle 2 months ago

what's twine you may be asking yourself well its basically an engine that makes things like my site into a game

sninkygle 2 months ago

its not necessarily rather than a method for me to basically cheat the system and add MY stuff into it without the risk of over flow

secam 2 months ago

ok, this is ebin

sninkygle 2 months ago

its looking might eBic so be sure to look for that stuff soon-ish

as the wheel of tyme begins to turn so do the methods of smiley and sarah something seems...different...more...welcoming
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sorry guys i dont think i can update the site anytime soon school just keeps getting in the way and it affects my thinking logic sorry
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encounters-ltd 3 months ago

thats okay, you dont need to work on the side if its affecting your mental health

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