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sninkygle 1 month ago

i did a thing

personally-comfy 1 month ago

good job doing that thing you did(?)

sninkygle 1 month ago

thanks i try

hey guys guess what? im streaming tuesday and wensday (tuesday games wensday coding ) so drop on by
sninkygle 1 month ago

10pm est - 1am (or 12am) est

heyo just got a pc up and running gonna finish setup then work on a big update ^-^
merry kupomas
two updates in a roooooooooow (not very big ones but hey they're fun)
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so...........if i ever figure out how to make the 3d aspects tie into the site semlessly (as in you reach the goal and it directs you to a page) i will update the site cause this 3d thing is pretty cool
sninkygle 2 months ago

oh hey figured it out

sninkygle 2 months ago

its not a perfect way to do it but its as close as i can get

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sninkygle 2 months ago

so update soon

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