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I feel your spectral presence Ghostring 👻 I'd like to join, my slug is castorswalk, title Castor's Walk, description "An online collection of original horror fiction", contact Thank you!
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castorswalk 1 week ago

Vermin has an afterword now 🪳 added the title and synopsis of an upcoming story to my homepage as well

still alive! still getting everything set up at the new house (...haven't had internet for like two weeks but it's FINE...) but I am working on something new. super early stages, doesn't feel like anything yet. I'm hoping work will continue a little more in earnest once I'm not relying on my mobile hotspot for everything. I'm really aiming for this one to be *actually* short but I said that about Vermin too so🤷🏠
hello i wanted 2 ask politely if you'd be cool w me putting a button up on my page for your site !! i would like to put it along w my pals
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tautozhone 2 weeks ago

i only just noticed!! it made me really happy to see, also- inspired by MZD i saw!! im reading house of leaves right now, its been so much fun

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VERMIN is live! 5000 words. Kind of a fun one? The worst man you've ever met + creative liberties taken with the strength of rat traps. Enjoy!
tautozhone 3 weeks ago


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still alive and kicking, moving and working on Vermin which is going well but turning out to be much longer than I had originally intended. excited for you guys to read it; it's a little different for me, maybe a little more grounded? more of a character study than I normally do. contains the phrase "the Kevin McCallister of rats" so I think you'll like it
digitangel 1 month ago

very excited to read it !

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I added afterwords to each story because I often have stuff to say. Check em out if you wanna, I think they're kinda nice for the sake of references & influences, context, and some personality (god forbid)

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